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Strategic Audio

At The Los Angeles Review of Books, I was part of a team of editors working on cluster of essays about developments in streaming media.

This cluster was published in the Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly Journal: In the SemiPublic Issue, September 2021

The primary editor for the Streaming Symposium was the excellent Annie Berke.

I commissioned Sun Ha Hong's fascinating piece about Peloton bikes and their provision of on-demand social isolation, Antiseptic Glass Stream.

My piece, Strategic Audio: Podcasts, Propaganda, and the Fairy Tales of Data Mining, explores the peculiar episode of a podcast getting a reality television show in Somalia wrong, and what this tells us about behavioral science, influence,and strategic communications. This is squarely related to my book project.

Super psyched to be part of this excellent group, with essays by Kristen Warner on The Impossible Promise of Diversity, Jorge Cotte on The Underground Railroad, Phil Maciak on Netflix animation, and Michael Szalay on the Industrious Family Drama.


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