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Writer & Editor

My book project looks at the rise of behavioral economics as cultural common sense and a refusal of politics. It's got everything, Larry Summers, Jeffrey Epstein, Russia, bad TV, rideshare algorithms, and public intellectuals in the Obama administration. Working title, Behave! The Science of Influence in American Popular Culture. Under representation, but ask me for more! 

Until recently, I was Editor-in-Chief of The Los Angeles Review of Books. Before that, I was section editor for Economics & Finance at LARB, while also teaching full-time at Whittier College, where I'm currently on leave. See below and get in touch for information about freelance work and workshops.


I teach contemporary American literature, creative writing, media studies, critical theory, and research methods at Whittier College. I started there ten years ago, and before I went on leave, I was the Director of the individualized major program. 

Me standing on a hillside talking about Joan Didion and Malibu for an appearance on European TVropean TV talking about Joan Didion)

Freelance & Consulting

On top of my freelance writing and academic research, I teach writing workshops, with a special focus on workshops for academics. I help writers at all levels pitch and articulate their research and expertise for specific audiences.

I've been a writer and a writing instructor for over a decade, in a wide variety of formats. My teaching philosophy and my praxis draw on my experience as a reporter, editor, and writer, on my ability to code switch in context, and on my meditation practice and my certification as a mindfulness instructor. 


I help writers get back in touch with their sense of purpose. Who do you want to reach, and why?


More than any list of tips and tricks, my process helps writers clarify why they're placing work, which ultimately helps them place it more successfully. 


I also help academic writers in particular make their success legible to their institutions. 

Get in touch about bringing me in to work with you.

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