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New chapter

I’m no longer Editor-in-Chief at LA Review of Books. I have stepped down to pursue other writing projects. I’m proud of the work that I did there, and I stand by my vision for the publication.

I'm grateful for the excellent contributions of the many amazing editors and writers who worked with me. Many of LARB’s editors and readers are academics. The worlds of higher education + media are in flux. I remain committed to thinking deeply and carefully about the role that the public humanities, writ large, have to play in a democracy.

I'll be teaching a workshop at UCI in the Spring, on the public humanities, and have a number of projects in the works. If you’d like to continue the conversation with me, or want to hear about my own work, which I'm excited about, contact me here!

I'm about to take a break from social, for the holidays and for the aforementioned writing, but I'm on the hellsite and the blue site and otherwise, that contact form on the home page here always works.

Stay in touch!


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