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Didion - Where I Am From - Slouching Towards Los Angeles

I published this essay in Rare Bird Press's anthology of essays about Didion, Slouching Towards Los Angeles: Living and writing in Joan Didon's light, edited by Steffie Nelson, in 2020.

The reading was long delayed.

It seems like other reporters may have started relying on my research, which is kind of cool, but also please everybody be aware I did the research all on my lonesome.

I was unexpectedly still processing feelings about Didion's death.

But the reading, with Stacie Stukin (pictured above with me!), Jori Finkel and the luminous Steffie Nelson, was a true pleasure.

Some old friends showed up, and I was so pleased! It's kind of amazing to be physically present with people, in spaces, thinking about the same things.


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